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Elated to announce that Emvolio, a product designed at Utpanna DesignWorks Pvt. Ltd. Labs for Blackfrog Technologies is helping in the transport of samples and Specimens for Testing of COVID-19 by Udupi District We congratulate Mayur and Donson from Blackforg Technologies for their efforts and dedication to improve the access to healthcare for all.

We at Sharvas Design Labs would also like to thank the District Administration of Udupi District for proactively implementing Made in India Technologies and Solutions and Encouraging Indian Innovations to tackle this Pandemic.

Udupi District Hospital transporting COVID-19 specimens with Emvólio, designed & developed by Blackfrog Technologies. The system is manufactured in India, with support from the Govt. Of India. Emvólio provides a stable 2-8 deg C platform for last-mile transport of thermally-sensitive biologicals. The temperature and other vital statistics can be monitored remotely. Blackfrog owns 2 patents on the product.

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