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Bus Design

Bus Design has come a long way from Horse driven people carriers to the uber-luxurious options of the 21st Century, Filled with modern amenities Safety and providing an Experience filled with creature comforts and modern Gadgetry.

The citizens of the worlds Big metropolises have been accustomed to commuting in packed carriages and coaches, what if there is a way wherein the everyday office goers can travel in their own cities in the lap of luxury, In this day and age of connectivity and Globalization where everybody and everything is within reach, what if there is a way to relax and unwind while travelling to and fro from work and spend some time just gazing out to the hectic world outside.

We at Sharvas Design Labs set out to achieve this goal and modernize the way people interact with buses, With the way it looks feels and behaves this is a completely radical shift from the existing conventional bus. Armed with the most modern and Hi-tech Connectivity and Gadgets and a complete 360-degree view through its All glass body, This design makes you want to experience modern commute in its all glory while being silent and friendly to the Environment with its All-Electric power-train